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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The French Yacht Fleur Australe stopped into Louisbourg last night in a huge thunder storm
they are on the way to Northwest Passage.
I will try to get some photos when the fog lifts.
It is a shame the Lobster fishermen have taken all the visitor berths at the Guy Hiltz wharf.

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4 juillet.12h00. ! Storm with heavy rain grains. Gusts of wind south / south east us forward to 9nds under genoa and main sail.
Unfortunately, between the grains, not a blade of air. Thick fog. Latitude 45° N et longitude 62° W. We are always off New Scotland. There will be a priori no stop on the island of Cape Breton. Weather, provides a headwind to the Strait of Belle Isle. We have an interest to climb the north possible. We will stop when the wind turns. Philou analyzes various stopovers possible, consult the instructions Boating and refine the forecast as soon as possible. The new arrival Claudine, s'amarine peacefully, she sleeps in her Bannettes, seasickness does not savings.

17.00. In the mountains, this is called a white days. This is not a frank gaiety. 6nds walking. It takes more to reach the morale of troops. Nice breakfast, the menu: lasagna, salad, cheese and games for children and reading for adults.